About RBA

Romanian Building Awards – National Awards for the Built Environment– it is an ambitious project that sets off bearing in mind the necessity of the edification of a culture and the quality of the built environment in Romania.

The event, having the Romanian Order of Architects, Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism,  the Employers’ Federation of Building Societies and ProEvent Association as initiatiors and organizers, aims to identify and promote the most valuable projects built recently in Romania, projects that have the potential of becoming part of the national patrimony.

At its first edition, the Romanian Building Awards has the ambition of becoming the biggest event which acknowledges the excellence of the design and execution of the built environment in Romania. The projects will not only be evaluated from an esthetic and technical point of view, but the social, cultural and economic impact which they have on the wide audience will be especially taken into consideration.

„I firmly believe that we have to add our contribution through various means to the growth of the building culture in Romania. The recognition of the recent values, of the present and their commendation is one of these means. By organizing the Romanian Building Awards, we want to build a tradition of celebrating this fundamental component of our lives, the built environment”. says Serban Tiganas,  President of the Romanian Order of Architects.

„RBA is one of the most fitting projects of the moment which can bring about change”

The Romanian Building Awards also aims to bring the collaboration between project creators, the representatives of the industry and the beneficiaries to a higher level.

To this end, Cristian Romeo ERBASU, President of the Employers’ Federation of Building Societies believes that „ There is a need for the sector of constructions to regain its power and the image as engine of the economy and resource of social sustainability. For this, the most representative accomplishments in the field must be made known to everyone. That is why, we believe that the Romanian Building Awards- RBA is one of the most fitting communication projects of the moment, which can bring about change”.

Romanian Building Awards will be supervised by a Board, made up of important personalities from the academic, cultural and the entrepreneurial environment of Romania, who will maintain the high standards of participation and judging for the projects signed up to receive the National Awards for Build Environment.

The Romanian Building Awards (RBA) completes the series of international architecture conferences LAUD, INGLASS, RIFF and GIS, recognized as a platform for promoting excellence in construction, reuniting well known names from the field, academic environment and institutional representatives, proeminent figures from the art and cultural sector.

In the past six years, ProEvent Cultural Association has organized conferences dedicated to architecture and patrimony, with over 5.500 architects from 30 countries participating at the events.