New Cities
The International Inspirational Conference
on the future of architecture and urbanism

Monday, 13th of June 2016
Bucharest, National Theatre

For the first time in Romania, representatives of the cultural environment, architects, ambassadors, entrepreneurs and decision making factors of the administration of large cities will participate in a public, interactive conference on a topic of great interest for the future of architecture and urbanism.

  • About a new vision regarding the development of the cities which answer to the current urban challenge on congestion, pollution, traffic, transport system, green spaces etc.
  • About smart building solutions, infrastructure or management ment to improve the quality of urban life.
  • About the „ human city” , about the participation and involvement in urban life, about the way in which the individual must be brought back to the heart of this discussion on the future of urbanism.

When will NEW CITIES appear in Romania?
How will they look like?
How do the cities of the future look like in other parts of the world?

27 speakers from Romania and other countries will answer these questions

The guests from the audience at the NEW CITIES conference will witness a lively, ample debate, for the first time, which will centre around the quality of life in the big cities from multiple perspectives : of the architect, the administrator of the municipality, of the anthropologist , the bussinessman.

NEW CITIES will take place within the International Architecture Expo- Conference LAUD and INGLASS, which will take place on the second day, on the 14th of June, at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest
NEW CITIES is a preview of the National Awards for Built Environment – Romanian Building Awards RBA.

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Among the invited speakers:

H.E , Mrs. Ambassador Stella Ronner-Grubačić, Embassy of The Netherlands in Romania

H.E , Mr. Ambassador Kisaburo Ishii, Embassy of Japan in Romania;
Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ, President of the Romanian Order of Architects, member of the RBA Board,
Prof. dr. arch. Marian MOICEANU, Rector “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, member of the RBA Board

Dr. eng. Cristian Romeo ERBAȘU, President FPSC – The Ownership Federation of Romanian Contractors

Prof.dr. arch. Alexandru Sandu, Presidentof the Romanian Registry of Urban Planners (RUR)

Arch. Tetsuo Harada, Senior Manager Takenaka Corporation, Japan;

Prof.dr. Joris Scheers, Belgium, President ECTP-CEU – European Council of Spatial Planners;

Arch. urbanist Tony Williams, Irland, President IFLA Europe – International Federation of Landscape Architects;

Arch. Jesus Alberto Pulido Arkas, Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects, Japan;

Arch. urbanist Niek Roozen, Niek Roozen bv garden and landscape architects, The Netherlands;

Arch. urbanist Marco Vermeulen, Director Studio Marco Vermeulen (SMV), The Netherlands

Arch. Gokhan Avcioglu, founder GAD (Global Architectural Development), Turkey ;
Marian POPA, Manager at Deutsche Bank Global Technology, member of the RBA Board

Dan PASCARIU, President of the Council of Administration for UniCredit Bank, member of the RBA Board

Prof.dr. Vintilă MIHĂILESCU, anthropolgist, member of the RBA Board

Victor NEUMANN, historian & cultural philosopher, member of the RBA Board

Ioana CIOLACU, architect, fashion designer, member of the RBA Board

Prof.dr Sorin Cimpeanu, President of The National Council of Rectors, member of the RBA Board
The audience will be comprised of architects, urbanists , landscape architects, university professors, chief- architects of large cities, engineers, specialists in urban development, entrepreneurs, representatives of the local and central administratio, specialists in transport management, specialists in environmental quality, students.

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