Ing. peis. Nicolas TRIBOI




“Willows Folie, Hortillonnages Amiens”2012, Nominated project

“Renaturalization of AZL area, in Sulina, Danube Delta”, 2012, nominated project /1st place.

“Rehabilitation and modernisation of Revolution Square SLOBOZIA” , 2008, nominated project Born in 1979, landscape architect Nicolas Triboi graduated at the National School of Nature and Landscape of Blois, France in 2002.  He founded ATELIER FOAIE VERDE, a landscape architecture company  in 2006 after severals years of works in France and in Romania on urban and rural problematics. He is  member of Scientific Council of Piatra Craiului National Park since 2008,  member in the National Commission of Historical Monuments, Romania, section urbanism since 2016. After 10 years of collaboration with PRO PATRIMONIO fondation, he  became board member in 2016.

Since 2006, Nicolas Triboi develops a lots of projects in Romania. Wilderness is a great source of inspiration. He realized many parks, gardens and historical gardens : Venus (Opera) park, Charles de Gaulles « square », White church square on calea Victoriei, French school green spaces, Elvira Popescu cinema,  Icoanei garden in Bucharest,  Mogosoaia historical park , Chitila dendrologic park , heroes cimitery (from the first world war) in Leresti city…

He worked with a new way of thinking urbanism planning and rural development. He realized the first teritorial Romanian landscape atlas for the crossborder area beetween Romania and Bulgaria in 2012, Master plan for Galati city,  the project of Casa Vlasia in Ghermanesti-Snagov.

He develops artistic and land art installation using the natural force of elements, using willows and his ability to reborn:  Expirat terrace near Carol park in 2016, Land art installation « organical conspirations » Arcub, 2016, Willow folie in Hortillonnages, Amiens in 2012…

Last year he started lectures about „Specificity of Rural Landscape”, at OAR – The Order of Architects in Romania. Each year he organized severals LANDSCAPE WORKSHOPS at Villa Golescu – Summer school for architecture and landscape students in Câmpulung Muscel. He also organize « walking Lesson » in Rosia Montana and in Bucharest about « The Illusion of the Natural ».

In 2016 he start working on the Izvoru project, thinking about the oportunity to develop a productive landscape, a tasty landscape, a new way to produce and to consume. In 2017, the project started on the field, and step by step the new face of local landscape is appears. This summer he will organize there gardening workshops.

The concept of „sharing” experiences is essential in our society… We hear about gardens, parks, green spaces … that are obviously part of landscape, but what happens with the problems of agri-cultural landscapes, productive landscapes, deserted, nitrated landscapes? What happens with the rural populations? What are the new relations between the city and the village? Here the landscape architects are missing and sometimes things are going well, sometimes not. Why? The mission of landscape architects of tomorrow is certainly more comprehensive than what we think today: more social, more human, more tasteful! We really need new tasty landscape! This is what we want to do with the project of Izvoru, a new productive landscape around the old Perticari Davila mansion, for the village, for the city, for people. This old mansion was totally destroyed in the last 10 years, and nowadays we try to find solutions to create a new economical activity based on the historical elements, based on the local landscape ” N.T.